Fare yoga con una capra (FOTO e VIDEO)

Fare yoga con una capra
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Lo Yoga è diventato quasi uno stile di vita: negli ultimi anni questa disciplina orientale è entrata in maniera massiccia in occidente. E succedono accoppiate strane.

Le si chiama Yoga Girl. O meglio, questo è il suo pseudonimo su Instagram: il suo vero nome è Rachel Brathen, ha ben pensato di sfidare tutti i canoni del "cutness" facendo yoga con una capra. E sappiamo ormai che le capre sono i nuovi gattini. La capretta, che è effettivamente adorabile (ed è questo il problema), si chiama Penny Lane ed è un regalo che Rachel ha ricevuto dal marito. Qui sotto alcune delle immagini più "cute": c'è talmente tanto zucchero bianco da intossicarsi. E se siete veramente impazziti per lo yoga e le donne forse dovreste conoscere "Nude Yoga Girl".

Best part of my day. @ringo_thegringo still doesn't love @penny_thegoat but at least he is sharing his bed with her now. Progress! She is such a spazz, jumping up and down, doing flips, climbing on everything. Taking her for walks is literally the best. And no, our house isn't full of goat poop... She's only had a few accidents so far! The key is to be really aware of what she is doing and knowing when it's time for her to hang out in the garden???????????? The only tricky thing right now is actually her chewing! She chews on EVERYTHING. All the time. Non stop. My hair (I'd be getting daily trims if I wasn't careful), magazines, toilet paper rolls, my dresses, the dogs tails (that's a fun one)... And of course, plants! We have no plants left in the house. Which is ok, because we have a baby goat☺️❤️ Still eating from a bottle twice a day but weaning now so lots of palm tree leaves, grass and hay. #pennyupdate @penny_thegoat #babygoat #love

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Yoga in the backyard + baby goat = best afternoon ever???????? @oneoeight.tv #yogaeverydamnday

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When you're trying to practice yoga but your baby goat is lying at the front center of your yoga mat and refuses to move and you try putting her on a blanket on the side seven times but she just comes right back to your mat so you give her a mat of her own but that won't do either because for some reason it's your mat with the last clean yoga towel on it or absolutely nothing so you give in and slide baby goats mat sideways so you can roll out your husbands mat to practice on instead even though it's dirty and was peed on by some dog at some point and you realize that this entire process took 30 minutes and a tiny goat baby basically runs your entire life????????❤️ @penny_thegoat #goatbaby #babygoat #yogaeverydamnday

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Meanwhile, in the @yoga_girl household... ????????????❤️ @penny_thegoat #pennythegoat #crowpose #babygoat #yoga #yogaeverydamnday

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